Awakens your passion for wine.


When we serve a wine, we are already preparing an atmosphere full of promises and emotions. With a touch of style, every nuance becomes precious.
Ponente is the exclusive aeration patent system that allows the wine to increase its contact with air while it is poured into the glass.

External side


Internal side

While the wine flows, it breathes in air to be able to express itself in the best possible way.

Behind a technical

and elegant design,

everything is perfectly


Ponente, the pleasure of living fully every detail of style.

At a glance, the tabs,

it’s Ponente. 

A winelover

is nearby.

Every wine is alive.


When we hold a bottle of wine in our hands, we already know there is a treasure to be discovered inside it. Flavors, aromas, stories of people and territories.
When we open it, we are ready to be carried away into a new experience of flavors and emotions. The wine is alive and flowing out of the bottle it is ready to spread its fragrances and tell its story, but to do that, it needs to breathe some air.

Technicality and patent

What normally happens…

When you pour a wine, with or without the traditional drip-catcher systems, the air automatically flows into the bottle. The O2 (oxygen) particles present in the air freely enter the bottle, but cannot be absorbed by the wine and so remain floating in the empty part. In this way, the wine arriving in the glass will have little oxygen and so little strength to express itself.

…but every wine longs for the best.

The wine organoleptic properties, kept closed in the bottle, know the importance of breathing some air in order to reach their maximum expression.
Thanks to its special technical solution, Ponente allows a micro-aeration of the wine and so the absorption of the O2 particles while flowing out of the bottle. This delicate aeration is the perfect way for the wine to express at best all its qualities.

Ponente aeration is also ideal for structured wines, kept in bottle for long time, that need to be oxygenated.


  Patented system with self-configuring independent tabs

  Drip-catcher system

Ponente is protected by international patent laws.

Just a simple gesture and it is ready

Ponente is easy to use. Once you have opened the bottle, just roll-up the leaf and insert it in the bottle neck. Rolling-up the leaf, the aeration system which is in the inner side automatically creates some obstacles to the flow of the wine.

Ponente is reusable, after using it just rinse.

Ponente Istruzioni E1

Step 1

Ponente Istruzioni E2

Step 2

Ponente Istruzioni E3

Step 3


You notice it and the passion is already in the air.

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Ponente can be used with all wines red or white.

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