Awakens your passion for wine.


When we serve a wine, we are already preparing an atmosphere full of promises and emotions. With a touch of style, every nuance becomes precious.
Ponente is the exclusive aeration patent system that allows the wine to increase its contact with air while it is poured into the glass.

External side


Internal side

While the wine flows,

it breathes in air

to be able to express

itself in the best

possible way.

Under the surface,

a perfect balance

of concept, talent

and technicality.

Every detail makes serving the wine fascinating.

Ponente, statement of culture, accessory of style.

At a glance, the tabs,

it’s Ponente.

A winelover

is nearby.


a distinctive sign of the winelover.

Ponente is easy to use: made with a special flexible material, you roll it up and insert it inside the neck of the open bottle of wine. Its secret lies on the inside: an intricate interlacement of tabs creates a delicate aeration which helps the wine to release the flavors and aromas that were preserved inside the bottle.

Ponente can be used with all bottled still wines: red or white.

Ponente is approved by: Italian Sommelier Association

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How it is used


Step 1: Roll up Ponente by pressing on the sides.
Step 2: While rolling it, keep the aerator tab inside.
Step 3:Insert Ponente into the neck of the bottle.
Step 4: Serve the wine.

Ponente is reusable, after using it just rinse.

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