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Ponente Expressions

Lifestyle and storytelling

The culture of wine fascinates an increasing number of people from all over the world.
Ponente Expressions is a communication tool with a strong impact, its captivating design exemplifies the will of living a modern, elegant and refined style, moreover the range of possibilities of personalization makes it a perfect tool for storytelling and promotional activities.
Ponente Expressions is the key to enter the daily life of people who care about wine-tasting ritual or just appreciate lifestyle and the joy of conviviality.


Your project

Ponente Expressions is an accessory which offers the possibility of personalizing every single element with your graphics and your message, becoming the perfect extension for your communication project.

Examples of Ponente Expressions.


Refined practicality

Extremely thin and its few grams of weight make Ponente Expressions a useful opportunity for many occasions.
Unique in its style, you can give it to who you are shaking hands or find it on a flight in your first class seat.
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Ponente Expressions

Studied to promote your message…

in everyday life

at an event

at a major event

Your story told

The exclusivity of your story merges with the concept of Ponente. Browse the images to see the personalized elements.
The examples show Ponente Expressions personalized for Association of Italian Sommelier.
Ponente Expressions – Example F01


Ponente Expressions – Example F02

Step 1: decide your graphics

Ponente Expressions – Example F03

Step 2: tell your story

Ponente Expressions – Example SP F01


Ponente Expressions – Example SP F02

Step 1: decide your graphics

Ponente Expressions – Example SP F03

Step 2: tell your story

In every Ponente a story of success


To create your own Ponente Expressions

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