The fascinating culture of wine tells enchanting

stories in every one of its nuances.


New pleasure in serving wine.

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Ponente Expressions

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unique, authentic, pure.

In the DNA of Ponente you find the certainty of unique project in the international panorama.
Ponente is a product protected by international patent laws.

Brand Ponente


Ponente is the name of a wind that comes from the Mediterranean Sea and blows from West.
The surge created by the structure of the product when the wine flows through it, results in an aeration of the wine that imitates the idea of the wind blowing on the sea.
The Mediterranean wind is an image that recalls the traditional wine regions in Italy, France and Spain.

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Cosmopolitan concept


The culture of wine is an art that links people from all over the world. The pleasure of winelovers is to discover and appreciate the wine, experiencing the tasting with a touch of style.

Ponente was born in a region in North Italy where a sweep of vineyards surrounds the fascinating art cities of Venice, Verona and Vicenza and the culture of wine is patrimony of the territory. However its concept is cosmopolitan because it is fruit of the passion for wine, history of many nations.


Antonio Pieriboni, creator and owner of the patent, grew up in a family of wine propducers. For this reason, he has always known how much the passion of peasants, enologists and the style of a company are important factors for the success of a wine. Antonio, expert in innovation, intellectual property and industrial design, decided to develop the project Ponente in order to make the tasting experience much functional and fascinating.
In his projects, Antonio is always trying to find the perfect harmony between three factors that are fundamental for him: design, style and functionality.

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